Sneakbo talks Brixton with in ‘London Lowdown’

Sneakbo talks to Complex about Brixton in new interview.

Brixton born rapper, Sneakbo sits down with Complex correspondent Fenn O’meally to discuss how his debut album Brixton came together. He talks about his features, noting that Giggs is his biggest feature on the project, as well as how being from Brixton has impacted the project—and Sneakbo as an individual.

Sneakbo talks about the inspiration behind his lyrics, and how he uses what he has been through, as well as what his peers have been through, and puts it into his lyrics. He’s not too surprised that he’s getting incredible feedback because, as he says: “People just relate man, when you’re being real.”

After speaking to Sneakbo, Fenn goes out into the streets of South London, as well as to The House Of Vans, to ask locals what they love about South London—and also for their opinions on Sneakbo and his new project.

It’s a great episode of London Lowdown, that showcases the love and unity for South London. It also ends on a sweet note where Fenn asks locals to name some inspirational women, for International Women’s Day.

Watch the full episode of London Lowdown featuring Sneakbo in the video above.