Skengdo x A.M release visuals to banger ‘What a Feeling’

One of the most famous top drill duo in the game right now Skengdo and A.M, have teamed up once again and released their audio-visual for their track ‘What a Feeling’. When these artists come together, we already know it’s going to be a banging track. However, this time they have brought a new and fresh style to their videos.

The song ‘What a Feeling’ is produced by Croydon beat maker JB104, who is the head producer and sound engineer at Finesse Foreva. JB104 was heavily involved with ‘2 Bunny the Mixtape’ which was released in December 2017. The 10 track project featured some of the best drill songs of 2017. Since then, the drill duo has kept us on our toes waiting for new releases.

The amazing music video is directed and edited by Idofilm, who creates visuals for PressPlay Media. The music video is set in Las Vegas in the sun, surrounded by palm trees and flashing lights creating a calm chilled city vibe. Another nice scene setting is in a dessert-like place where the views are amazing and very scenic. The video shows a different side to Skengdo and A.M and their versatility of their lifestyle. They create videos in their home town, on their block, at studios, but this one being shot in Las Vegas has created a different vibe.

Throughout the video they are rolling around in a Crep Protect jeep-like car, suiting the dessert and safari theme. Crep protect is an urban footwear company that sells products to clean, maintain and protect trainers. In the video, we see close ups of fresh Valentino’s and Air Max 97’s to promote the innovative brand.