Skengdo & AM Listen To Their ‘Type Of Beats’

Skengdo & AM sit down in the studio with Link Up TV, and share their opinions, in this episode of Type Of Beats.

In this episode of Type Of Beats, drill duo Skengdo & AM listen to their type of beats on YouTube, whilst sharing some personal information on their styles, methods and how they choose their beats.

Skengdo & AM let it be known that if they hear a beat, and one of them doesn’t like it, then they simply don’t use it. Sometimes there are deep beats that compliment AM’s deep tone, but he has to consider whether Skengdo could ride the same beat.

AM states that he gives a beat three chances, and the intro and drop are the most important factors in his decision making. You can tell that this information is truthful, as when they like an intro and a drop, they start to bop vigorously, and sometimes freestyle over the beat.

Speaking of using type beats from YouTube, they say that it is rare for them to use their own type beat, and that they’re more likely to see another artists type beat and use that. They search for things such as “drill type beat” or “trap/drill type beat”.

They give some advice to the producers, and beat-makers, making the type beats, by saying that the title and image for the video matters. It has to look aesthetically pleasing to grab the artist’s attention.

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