Skengdo And AM Drop The Waviest ‘Fire In The Booth’

Skengdo and AM drop their ‘Fire In The Booth’ with Charlie Sloth – and they go hard.

Drill-rapping duo Skengdo and AM visited the ‘hadouken’ king – Charlie Sloth – for a brand new Fire In The Booth (FITB). What they delivered was fresh, cheeky and cold – which makes for a great FITB!

The duo freestyled over three beats made by D Proffit, JB (Finesse Foreva) and Sxbz Beats – listed in order of play. From beginning until end, Skengdo and AM bounce off one another as they go in – with flows and lyrics.

As well as great sounds, the artists also give their fans entertaining energy throughout – such as the moment when AM had to order some Chinese during the FITB. They’re too cold.

Skengdo and AM’s ‘Fire In The Booth’ comes shortly after the release of their wavy mixtape entitled ‘2 Bunny’. If you haven’t heard it yet, you can purchase or stream it here – as it is available on all digital platforms.

Skengdo and AM only show improvement with every single/mixtape release and freestyle. As 2018 draws near, we’re excited to hear what else is to come.

Until then, you can watch Skengdo and AM’s wavy Fire In The Booth in the video above.