Sho Shallow Drops ‘Guestlist’ Video

London rapper Sho Shallow always causes a storm with his tracks. I’d advise you go and check out his Behind Barz, its memorable and you’ll find yourself checking out more from the street smart artist. ‘Guestlist’  is a prime example of what Sho Shallow stands for in his music career, and that’s a certain realness in his music. His lyrics are meaningful and highlight his street wise vibes.

This time Sho Shallow is doing it on his own and ‘Guestlist’ is a prime example of the guy’s talent. The video is a nice collection of different scenes, with most of them being shots of the rapper himself.

‘I could never be a middle man, so it’s only right I’m in charge’

With clever thought out bars like this it’s no doubt that Sho Shallow is making some serious noises, and at the age of 21 he’s got so much more to show. Like a Raheem Sterling gun tattoo this one has got some hype, and it’s nice to see that Sho Shallow isn’t letting just anyone on the ‘Guestlist’

Overall, I think that ‘Guestlist’ is a good song for Sho Shallow and it’s certainly something to build on, I look forward to seeing what he is going to release next.  The beat for ‘Guestlist’ is certainly worth mentioning, as it matches well with Sho’s sharp lyrics.