Sharky Major Delivers ‘Grime Originals’ Remix Ft. Manga, Fumin, Bruza and Maxwell D

Sharky Major delivers a ‘Grime Originals’ Remix, featuring a strong line up of Manga, Fumin, Bruza, and Maxwell D—which is full of energy.

Grime Originals, as a platform, highlights the work of artists that have cemented themselves in the music scene, from the early days of grime. Artists such as Manga, Fumin, Bruza, and Maxwell D, fall into the category of talented grime artists with a lengthy-history in the game. Those artists have joined forces with, Nasty Crew’s first MC, Sharky Major, for a cold remix of his track ‘Grime Original’.

Taking it in turns, each artist spits hard-hitting bars, packed full of punches, in their signature styles. The talent displayed is versatile, and highly-skilled. If this track is your introduction to the artists featured, it is a great sample of what each talent has to offer. It should also inspire you to check out their individual tracks—you will find a lot of great music.

On the ‘Grime Originals’ Remix: Manga is on his way to any man who wants to clash, Fumin is badding up MC’s, Bruza takes you through the elements of grime—from the lyrical clashes, to the physical, and Maxwell D has bars that will cause a catastrophe—whilst Sharky Major carries the rest of the track with a reminder. They are all Grime Originals.

‘Grime Originals’ Remix showcases different, yet authentic, styles that we have heard over the years—and the delivery is powerful. The new track is available to stream on all digital platforms, via the new record label—Grime Originals Records.

Check out the ‘Grime Originals’ Remix visuals, in the video above. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter.