Stampface Releases His Debut Solo Video ‘Slumdog’

South London based rapper and 86 affiliate Stampface has been a bit quiet for the past eight months. He recently admitted as much on Twitter as his output had been almost non existent. That changed over the weekend as he recently put out the visuals to his much teased single, Slumdog. With production coming from WildBoyAce and MazzaBeats, anticipation had been great as the snippets and teasers coupled with online feedback suggested that Stampface had a banger on his hands. As a result, Stampface decided to come through with some dope visuals, to give the fans his debut solo video.

With the dope set of visuals being handled by Kaylum, Stampface finds himself in an abandoned warehouse posted in front of a big Range Rover as the rapper briefly tells us about his plans on trying to be a millionaire. Stampface rides the beat well but I feel that the instrumental and the chorus are the strongest aspects of Slumdog. After eight months away from the game, it is an encouraging step for the rapper and I am interested to see what he has in store for the second half for 2018 whether it be more solo releases or collaborative efforts.

Check the video out above.