Septimus Prime Comes Through With ‘Come Thru’

Septimus Prime is here to bring us a brand new music video to his latest musical effort, tiled Come Thru, this one is definitely one for the summer and we’re sure you’ll love it.

To have a good time all you need is a man, a women, and a camera. Yes, you’re still on Link Up Tv and don’t worry I’m talking about Septimus Prime’s new music video for his new song Come Thru.  He can be seen enjoying himself with an attractive woman and snapping pics on what can only be described as the cutest date of the century.

The song ‘Come Thru’ is very catchy and you wouldn’t expect anything else from Septimus Prime. The voice star was mentored by legendary singer Tom Jones. The effect is that Septimus has become a ladies man, ‘Come Thru’ is the perfect song to share with your girlfriend, the video is very simple with the visuals but it works in the sense that you get to hear more of Septimus.

‘Come Thru’ has the perfect summer vibe and you can really see this being the summer of Septimus Prime. Trust me you’re going to see the Septimus haircut everywhere, it’s a funky trim to match an even funkier song. Septimus is no stranger to the limelight, after appearing on BBC’s The Voice he has seen his career have a massive spark, and with songs like ‘Come Thru’ the sky is the limit for Septimus Prime.

Check out the video for ‘Come Thru’ above now.