S Wavey hits us with a wavey visual for ‘Knucks Style’

Brixton based, South London rapper S Wavey has just unveiled the bran new visual for his song Knucks Style. S Wavey has been making waves on the U.K. music scene this year with songs such as “Grizzy Flow”,”Purge” and mostly famously “Wavey” featuring veteran Sneakbo and Moelongo. This new track comes as no disappointment.

The tune features a hard hitting, gun shot reminescent beat. The beat is definitely the star of the song. This vibe comes as a perfect contrast now we have entered September,  after a summer full of afro swing beats. The rappers flow is effortless, cheeky and gruff, carving out a unique sound for the London rapper. This allows the rapper to assert more of a serious vibe, and that he is an artist to be taken very seriously.

The visual features a black Bentley, asserting the rappers status as serious and prestigious candidate. S Wavey further proves he has the sauce by sporting Givenchy.  The rapper continues to keep his signature vibe of being tongue and cheek by keeping his demeanour light hearted and fun throughout the whole visual; he even does a little dance at the end.

Be sure to check out the wavey new visual for Knucks Style.