S1 delivers a fire new HB Freestyle

Joey Clipstar continues the first season of his new show Hardest Bar Freestyles with no other than “mister most hated” S1. One of the core members of 12World, the West London based drill rapper had a strong 2018, having released some strong projects.

S1 seems ready to takeover 2019 with a heavy freestyle. Starting off on a beat produced by Gotcha, S1’s delivery rides it perfectly, bringing in a husky sounding flow and blending in some cold ad libs. The rapper seems to only have warmed up as he carries on a different beat, this time produced by Madara Beats.

S1 is set for a crazy year as his delivery keeps on improving while keeping that authentic rawness in his content. Make sure you watch the HB Freestyle above and let us know in the comment section or via our social media channels who you would like to see next behind the mic.