RM Releases Serious ‘Mazzalina Remix’ Ft. Tiny Boost & RA

RM releases the serious Mazzalina Remix featuring Tiny Boost and RA.

After the great reception received from RM’s original track, Mazzalina, the artist has decided to enlist two other rappers with similar authentic energy, and drop a remix.

Mazzalina Remix is a serious track which sees seasoned talent from each artist involved. From the honesty felt through the lyrical content, to the gritty and raw delivery displayed, it’s clear that the featured artists were the best options to jump on the track.

In the visuals, directed by Kamcordings and Tadas, all three artists can be seen vigorously reciting their lyrics in a dark and misty setting. It’s moody in appearance, fitting to the gritty nature of the track.

Check out the Mazzalina Remix in the video above, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.