RM Joins Forces With Maverick Sabre For Emotive ‘F Cancer’

Birmingham based rapper RM joins forces with Maverick Sabre to bring us the brand new music video to their moving F Cancer collaboration, taken from RM’s Breakaway EP.

RM is a rapper that has clearly been demonstrating great balance in his music releases of late, with his Breakaway EP featuring tracks for the streets in Block Life with RK (below) and solo drop Gun Smoke; more thought provoking efforts in Pain with Yatez on the hook, even songs aimed at the ladies via My Girl and this very emotive, purposeful song aptly titled F Cancer featuring none other than the hook specialist himself, Maverick Sabre – of which we are treated to a fresh set of visuals for.

F Cancer sees RM rap candidly about his personal experiences with his uncle and his friend having cancer, detailing how it effected him and how he feels about the awful, incurable condition that plagues a lot of people around the world. The sentiments shared on this song are powerful and deliver a strong message – shifting RM into a different space of rapping on this occasion. With the emotive sample and piano keys lending to the overall mood of the song as well as the very deliberate black and white visuals to match – without the words we already feel what we’re about to experience while with the words we’re given context to it all.

If you’re feeling this one make sure you hit us up in the comment section and on social media to give us your thoughts as we see a few familiar faces such as K Koke, RK, Clue, Ard Adz and many more pop up at the end of the video in support of the message behind the song. Also, if you’re feeling F Cancer and want to hear more music from RM make sure you check out his Breakaway EP, it is available to download and stream via all major digital platforms including Spotify here.