RM Returns To The Channel With New Fire ‘Gun Smoke’

Birmingham based Saynarda rapper RM returns to the channel with a brand new set of visuals to his latest musical effort, titled Gun Smoke.

If you know anything about UK Rap you probably already know about RM, he’s been one of the realest and hardest rappers in this game for a long time, hailing straight from Birmingham the Saynarda rapper has been nothing but consistent for so long that he’s almost impossible to ignore at this point and today he brings us yet another dope release in, Gun Smoke.

Gun Smoke sees RM hit us with that authentic, oldskool road/hood rap that we all know and love to hear but are in short supply of in recent times. On his last outing, RM linked up with rising Birmingham rapper, RK to go back to back on another solid effort – quite similar to this one, titled Block Life – but the vibe was definitely a little more laid back on that occasion.

Gun Smoke is definitely a genuinely hard hitting  track that encompasses an undoubtedly uptempo, menacing vibe and energy – coupled with jumpy yet equally eerie lyrics matched with this crazy, jumpy instrumental that you can’t help but bop to – regardless of whatever it is you’re doing.

Check this brand new video out and hit us up with your thoughts via the comment section and our socials.