Realz returns with some real fire, in his second spitfire

Realz has returned with his second SPITFIRE on JDZ Media, yet again bringing the heat.

This comes 3 years after  Realz dropped his first SPITFIRE, back in 2014, and it certainly does not disappoint and was definitely worth the wait. His first SPITFIRE has over 200,000 views and demonstrates his massive lyrical ability, with the 2 minute freestyle, mentioning subjects like being betrayed by friends, his attitude to girls and the repercussions to running up on him. So obviously big things were expected in his second attempt

Realz certainly delivered this time coming back with an even better freestyle. This time mentioning his ability to stay away from Ls, his knack at getting another mans girl, his willingness to protect children and of course naming himself the “hardest out” (which is quite hard to disagree with). It’s quite hard to understand how Realz manages to fit so much material in just under 4 minutes, which is testament to his fast delivery and again his lyrical ability.

Having recently dropped single Thin Ice (which should definitely also be checked out and is on Linkup) Realz looks set for a big 2017, and I look forward to seeing what else he has to come this year.