Remtrex Takes Us Through Slang Terms In ‘Slang 2’

Remtrex returns with a brand new single ‘Slang 2’. 

Birmingham street rapper Remtrex returned to the music game earlier this year, after a short hiatus, and has been dropping music ever since in preparation for the release of his album Bars From The Pen, which is out on November 30. Now, he is back with a new track entitled ‘Slang 2’ which keeps the same dominant energy that he’s always had. 

‘Slang 2’ is a track that takes listeners through a long list of slang terms that are used by street rappers to describe their life and how they’re living. It is a cleverly put together rap that sounds like an urban dictionary, and Remtrex uses swift wordplay to execute himself efficiently.

The visuals are a film by Notty Lense and capture Remtrex in his element, with each scene change showing a different side to the rapper. It’s simple and effective, making it easier for you to be able to fully take in the lyrics whilst watching.

We are loving the energy and hard work ethic that is being shown by Remtrex this year, we look forward to the release of Bars From The Pen and everything else that the rapper has coming for us. 

What do you think of this new track? Watch the visuals in the video above and let us know your thoughts on Twitter.