Remtrex gifts us with fire on ‘Bars Upon Bars’

Remtrex rose to prominence in 2017, when the Birmingham rapper became a Youtube star, whilst being in prison. He even was imprisoned for a further nine months for creating a music video whilst being an inmate at HMP Birmingham. Nonetheless, the anticipation for the rapper to be released from prison, and to make music was immense.

In anticipation for the rapper to release his album “Bars From The Pen”, which is out on 24th August 2018, the rapper has released a freestyle video for Link Up TV.

The visual is very much in the sale of old freestyle videos, adding to the gritty and authentic feel of the visual. Remtrex is pictured with the mandem, where some of their faces cannot be seen; this adds to the rappers menacing and hard flow. Remtrex has an unbelievably slick yet incredibly cold flow. His bars never lack wit, dropping one liners such as “I might be free nowadays, but my insides are trapped”. His unapologetic nature is highlighted in bars such as “You ain’t got anything interesting in your mind, that’s why you get no views”. The rapper definitely has many interesting things in his mind, and he is bound to blow up.

Be sure to check out the visual and his new album when it drops!