Rapman Unveils Emotional ‘Letter To Cadet’

Rapman unveils an emotive Letter To Cadet, which is a tribute to his dear friend, and fellow artist, Cadet, who sadly passed away recently in a car accident.

Cadet featured in Rapman’s popular Shiro’s Story, but their friendship wasn’t restricted to just that. In this Letter To Cadet, the storyteller touches on their relationship, from the time they met until their last conversation, and he speaks very highly of his lost loved one.

Like Cadet, Rapman is skilled in storytelling, which turns this letter into something that you can picture clearly in your mind. With the visuals providing clips of Cadet in his element, the track combined with the video are touching; evoking enough emotion to bring tears to your eyes.

Watch Rapman’s Letter To Cadet in the video above, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.