Rapman Unveils Highly Anticipated ‘Shiro’s Story Part 2’ Visuals

The highly anticipated Shiro’s Story part 2 is finally here! We’ve been waiting impatiently or this one ever since the hugely impactful original dropped on the channel a couple of months back!

Rapman outdoes himself yet again as he extends the cast ups the production level and delivers yet another moving story with hard hitting, relatable scenes that subtly take on societal issues simultaneously.

This blockbuster video also sees a few familiar faces make the cast as Micheal Dapaah, Konan and Cadet, to name a few – all appear in these visuals playing new characters in the story.

The ending of the cinematic set of visuals all but confirms there will be a part 3 to this amazing storyline with two story telling heavyweights in Rapman and Cadet joining forces to bring us what is likely to be the final chapter to the story unless we all get what we’ve been screaming for and Netflix pick it up!

With every scene filled with more engaging and entertaining insights, we delve deeper into the psychology of the characters in the story, drawing us in even more as the story unfolds informing of our eyes. Part 2 is definitely a step up from the first instalment and we just can’t wait to see what else Rapman has in store for us in part 3.

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