The Pengest Munch Is Back With A Brand New Episode Ft. Capo Lee

In what has been a great year for the Chicken Connoisseur, he has landed his own TV show on Channel 4 titled ‘The Peng Life’, continued to stay relevant and build his brand without showing complacency. The Connoisseur, also known as Elijah Quashie, has enjoyed a remarkable rise since December 2016 and as a result has been unable to drop episodes of the Pengest Munch for the last eight months. In his own words, he justified his absence stating that “been a hot minute without dropping vids, since I’ve been doing other stuff. But sat on this one trying to rack up bare before dropping them”. On his official YouTube channel, the same day as his ‘The Peng Life’ TV show debuted on Channel 4, episode 20 of ‘The Pengest Munch’ dropped.

On most episodes of the show, Chicken Connoisseur gives us a crep check so we can see the latest heat that he steps in before going into a chicken and chips shop of his choice to review his meal. This time around he had grime artist Capo Lee on to help him review the quality of his meal. Although I can’t imagine he’d have been too pleased to find an eyelash on his tray.

Watch episode 20 of ‘The Pengest Munch’ above.