Pak-Man Enlists Ard Adz For Cold Track ‘Trap’

Pak-Man and Ard Adz are united as they come together to bring their new drop, entitled Trap, to the fans. 

As the heavy beat starts thumping through your speakers, Pak-Man starts going in with honest lyrics about the Trap life. Ard Adz takes care of the catchy hook and provides an equally introspective verse of his own. Both artists have seen and experienced a lot, and they don’t shy away from speaking their truths on Trap.

Trap visuals are a film by Suave, and show the rappers posted in the ends. It’s just right for the track, as the imagery depicts what Pak-Man and Ard Adz are talking about.

Watch the Trap visuals above now, and let us know your thoughts on Twitter.