Paigey Cakey Bravely Shares Her Battle Against Alopecia

Paigey Cakey bravely shares her experience with alopecia in a moving vlog.

Music artist and actress Paigey Cakey, real name Paige Meade, has been suffering from traction alopecia – much to her fans surprise. She has been suffering with it for approximately three years and recently received treatment in the form of a hair transplant.

This is the beginning of my hair journey. The full video is on my YouTube channel >> PaigeyCakeyTV The link is in my bio ☝🏽☝🏽 'The day of my hair transplant'

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For those who have never heard of traction alopecia, it is a form of hair loss developed by wearing your hair too tightly – consequently loosening the hair shaft in its follicle. In Paige’s experience, pulling her hair back too tightly, wearing weaves, using heavy gels to slick her hair down and wearing tight braids were the causes of her traction alopecia. It can also be developed by sleeping overnight in rollers.

Symptoms of traction alopecia are different from other forms of alopecia. They include scaling of the scalp, itchiness, soreness or stinging of the scalp, bumps, blisters (usually pus-filled) and redness of the scalp. If noticed early on, traction alopecia may be prevented by wearing looser hair styles, having thicker braids and wrapping your hair. However, it’s important to visit a dermatologist for examination to ensure you are taking the best form of treatment. Doctors may offer you antibiotics, anti-fungal shampoos and, even, topical steroids to reduce swelling.

With the pressure to look tamed in the public eye and the fear of telling family, and friends, Paige disguised her traction alopecia with mascara. She did it well for a long time, as fans had no idea what she was going through. Unfortunately, Paige lost too much hair to disguise and it wasn’t growing back. Her options had become limited to getting a hair replacement procedure.

Luckily, after thorough research, Paige found Longevita. Longevita is a company that offers high quality cosmetic and hair transplant procedures in Turkey, for a fraction of the cost in the UK. Although procedures take place in Turkey, Longevita has a London Mayfair office where potential clients can receive consultations. Paige has not publicly specified the name of the hair transplant procedure she had yet, however Longevita specialise in a range of transplants including FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). For more information on procedures, click here.

The healing process ❤️ day two: swollen face aka dolphin face, blood spots and scabs on my head but I'm happy 😀👑 im gonna have to look like a boy for a month till I can flex in some sexy ass wigs 😍💁🏽

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Paige displayed such bravery as she shared her story in a powerful and moving vlog. In the video, Paige shows her hair before the procedure so that others going through the same thing don’t feel alone. It’s a very emotional video yet very necessary. Statistics show that 55% of hair loss sufferers would be more include to consider having a hair transplant if celebrities or public figures were more open about hair restoration surgery.

Paige plans to wear wigs throughout her hair journey – and we can’t wait to see her new styles. However, she has shown her hair after the procedure and she looks amazing with short hair! She is also on the look out for natural hair care products – so leave a comment on her video if you have any tips.

You can watch the video in full above.