(Ox) Monica’s Son Shows Us What ‘Trill’ Is In New Visuals

Monica’s Son, known to many as Ox is a Nigerian born UK rapper with a unique sound, very much a 90’s influenced style of Rap, and Trill is a genuine attempt at once again carving a path for himself in the game by blending that 90’s vibe with current day production. The

In the mid 2000’s Ox as he is generally known came up with an idea called Bound2blow DVD and with friends from high school created a platform, the street DVD which at the time helped so many artists maintain and establish their selves as musicians. The likes of Kano, Estelle, Nolay, Bashy, Wiley, Mike GLC, Lethal B, Ghetts and so many more all featured on the DVDs. In 2006 Ox was shot multiple times and severely wounded in a Reading night club and was lucky to survive.

In 2010 due to PTSD, Ox was sectioned under the mental health Act but as the fighter that he is he never gave up and this was the birth of Monica’s Son, a name he dedicates to his mother, Monica who wasn’t ever really in his life. It’s dedicated to her as a sign of love and respect.

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