OSH Finally Releases ‘My Ye Is Different’ After Viral Video

After going extremely viral on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, OSH made it clear that we’ll be getting a full version due to all the hype created around the clip. Singing on top of Burna Boy’s Ye instrumental, people started playing on the whole My Ye Is Different concept, making and posting memes everywhere. Artists have also been posting covers of the cover, whilst the track has been played on multiple radio shows. He recently got signed to Columbia Records UK, which is a massive achievement for OSH.

He released the single on all streaming platforms. It kick starts with the same opening as the demo, then continues into the freestyle. Not much has changed apart from some tweaking to the beat. The bridge is added in order to complete the song with some echoes from OSH and adlibs.

We’re excited to see the music video which OSH has been teasing all over his socials. He actually had a single release party yesterday where he performed. It was open to everyone and looked like a vibe.