Berna, Kaos, Bam Bam, Coinz, Big Watch make this week’s ‘Hardest Bars’

Joey Clipstar is back with the fifth episode of Season 10 to his flagship show; ‘Hardest Bars’. This week he definitely has some more heat for us as the likes of Berna, Kaos, Bam Bam, Coinz and Big Watch all make the chart and it looks like Bam Bam has also made the charts for the second time row!

For those who don’t know, Joey gives us his take on some of the hottest topics in the scene right now and gives us a very sick insight into what makes some of the tracks on the chart so special. He gives us his hot takes with no frills which is why his show has been going strong for so long.

Pay close attention to the very end of the video for ‘Who Said That Bars.