Chip talks ‘League of My Own 2’ track by track with SBTV

Chip’s new album League Of My Own 2 is fresh out having been released on August 11th. The 17 track project is the Tottenham-born Grime artist’s third studio album, with its predecessor being a mixtape that he dropped back in 2007.

The 26-year old is currently occupying a unique space in his career following his relatively recent beefs while also acknowledging his spell in Pop some time ago. After 10 years he now finds himself in an independent situation with his label Cash Motto with League Of My Own 2 seeing Chip embrace his most mature and honest form as an artist.

To give the project its rightful spotlight, Chip sits down with SBTV’s Aaron Roach Bridgeman to give an in-depth breakdown of each track on the project. Throughout he’s open to conversation, including how certain features came together while also explaining a few of his bars. Furthermore he voices his thoughts surrounding his third album, bringing to the forefront his direction with the project. He states that his passion for lyricism was a vital component in the making of the album.

League Of My Own 2 is available on all digital platforms and on CD for those who’d rather a physical copy.

Watch his track by track interview with SBTV above!