Blaise Pascal keeps it all the way real in ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ ft. SK and Big Rebz

Taken from his self titled EP released in February 2017, London-based artist Blaise Pascal releases his brand new music video for single ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ featuring rappers SK and Big Rebz.

The authentic story-teller, Blaise usually takes inspiration from social, political and conscious commentary and in his new video, the soul artist was inspired by the police brutality issues in the US with black men being killed.

Police brutality has become an issue in the United States for quite a while. Policemen and women use excessive force when dealing with civilians, disregarding the enforcement laws they have sworn to uphold. The officers engage the civilian and take advantage of their duty. They then, attack the person until they are unable to fight against the officers… I mean, let’s be honest, it’s the black man that’s suffering and the ‘civilian’ is usually not even fighting anyway. According to the Washington Post’s database that tracks police shootings, 237 people have been shot and killed by police this year. That is 14 more people than had been shot and killed by police at this point last year.

In the video, Blaise uses lyrics such as:

“Philando Castile was shot and killed in his car by a police officer. His girlfriend and child were in the car. His girlfriend streamed it live on Facebook. Blaise Pascal comments

“I felt compelled to bring more awareness to such a horrific event. Fear can be so destructive. It inspired me to write this with the help of Mushtaq, SK & Big Rebz”