Watch: Avelino Is COPA90’s Fifa GOAT

The FIFA GOAT Avelino plays against Abracadabra, Konan and more for his FIFA 18 tournament to promote the launch of his new project ‘No Bullshit’.

North London rapper Avelino unveiled a brand new project on October 27 entitled No Bulls**t. No Bulls**t has been described as a playlist, not an album or an EP – which is something a bit different. The project is a masterpiece with a strong ethereal presence – amongst Hip-Hop and Jazz feels. If you haven’t yet listened to the playlist then you can purchase it here.

To further promote his new project, Avelino headed over to COPA90 for a Fifa 18 tournament against some of his friends; and fellow music artists. He went head to head with the likes of Abracadabra and Konan, and more, and it’s safe to say that Avelino is the G.O.A.T in Fifa – as he just kept winning.

As well as beating all of his friends, Avelino spoke with Troopz (Arsenal Fan TV) further about the game as well as his new playlist No Bulls**t. There are plenty of laughs mixed with some insightful information – it looks like a good time.

If you haven’t managed to watch it yet, click the video above to catch up on all things No Bulls**t and FIFA.