Avelino Brings In Haile For ‘So Fine’

Avelino is back on yet again another big collaboration after ‘London’s Calling’ which quickly racked up over a million views. This time he’s brought an unlikely guest in the form of WSTRN’s Haile for ‘So Fine’. The unexpected collaboration lives up to the sick names in the title and they produce a very wavey track.

Avelino is as smooth as ever with his verses which is no surprise as that’s just what we’ve come to expect and Haile adds in his signature of a catchy, melodic hook that will have your head bouncing.

The visuals from beginning to end feel like a movie amid the overwhelming size of the mansion that provides luxurious scenery throughout the video. It would appear that Avelino is back and there just might be a project on the horizon? For now, though, check out his latest track and let us know if you’re feeling it like we are.