67 And Amelia Join Snoochie Shy For Brand New ‘Breakfast With Snoochie Shy’!

After somewhat of a lengthy break, BBC 1xtra Presenter Snoochie Shy’s ‘Breakfast With Snoochie Shy’ is back, exclusive to Boiler Room.

Snoochie is joined by none other than South London drill collective 67 & Chicken Shop Date’s Amelia Dimz for her very first episode back and it is absolutely hilarious to say the least. The first part of the episode sees Shy and Amelia out of the Boiler Room studio going head to head in a military style assault course, with Snoochie taking home the win for fastest time completing the course.

She is then later joined back in the studio by Dimzy, Asap, LD and Monkey who she immediately offers a Magnum and chicken wings and after reading through various tweets from both fans and 67 themselves, they each they take part in a few activities. First up is London’s Best Driller (in it’s most literal sense) with Monkey taking the lead, followed by LD breaking a Guinness World Record in a space hopping race.

Watch brand new Breakfast With Snoochie Shy above!

67’s latest project ‘The 6’ is also available to stream now on all major digital platforms.