Oboy Surprises Us With Freestyle

OBOY has just released a new freestyle on Tim and Barry TV, with the video presenting us with a very edgy flow and something that highlights the talents of OBOY. The first time I listened to him was about a year ago, when he destroyed a track called ‘Forest Gump’ and it seems that his style has gone from strength to strength.

The video starts with ‘No miming’ and ‘100% live’ popping onto the screen, as a cold OBOY lets out an epic flow, honest, the beat with this voice is a match made in grime heaven. This is going to be massive, a true street sound that represents exactly what OBOY is about right now. It highlights for me OBOY’s use of impact lyrics, he mixes words well and represents everything going on with the scene. I’m a massive fan of mixing grime bars with football references.

‘Defend my block like Vidić, attack that s**t just like Rashford’

I love creativity in bars and that’s exactly what OBOY is giving us with this freestyle. You also get to know things about him, like he probably supports Manchester United, which sadly is OBOY’s only downfall. But on a serious level the flow that he has on this freestyle is something that will get people talking.  The actual visuals for the video are nothing fancy, just OBOY walking down an alley with a mandem in a skull mask, but this allows us to listen to the lyrics and fully appreciate what he is trying to achieve.

I look forward to OBOY coming up with a title for this freestyle, at the beginning of the video  he calls it ‘ a quick little freestyle.’ But, I think he has mileage with this one, it’s a beat that makes you happy inside, and a flow that leaves your ears wanting more from him a nice addition to the sick tracks on Tim & Barry TV.