Nottingham’s own Gino SPITSFIRE

Nottingham based Gino drops his second SPITFIRE, coming 4 years after the first and it certainly was worth the wait.

Gino’s second SPITFIRE comes 2 days after dropping his most recent track ‘Gunna Be Good’ which dropped on Link Up and has over 13,000 views. It’s definitely safe to say Gino has been putting in work for a long time, he started MCing at just age 13, with his biggest track ‘Now That I’m Out’ (which has over 1,400,000 views) dropping 3 years ago on JDZ Media. Gino also appears to be on his grind this year dropping two freestyles already on JDZ Media, and numerous videos on both Link Up and JDZ Media, with his biggest track so far, ‘Party All Week’ with K Dot getting over 150,000 views.

As for the freestyle, Gino definitely goes hard, dropping bars about the changes in the soundscape of the scene, mentioning the move towards auto-tune, his desire to stay authentic to himself dropping “I do what I wanna do when I do it”, he then goes on to end 7 bar on innit, which sounds surprisingly good. The rest of the freestyle continues to show Gino’s crazy ability to drop punchlines extremely fast to classic fast paced beat produced Pez OTB.

Again another SPITFIRE which displays talent in its purest form, which JDZ Media have always able to do, which is why it’s not surprising that they have decided to start JDZ Records (a record label), which is a scary prospect due to JDZ’s ability to spot talent. I look forward to how this is going to impact the scene and the success JDZ are going to have.