Nicki Minaj drops the visual for ‘Barbie Dreamz’

Queens rapper Nicki Minaj, one of the biggest rappers of recent times regardless of gender, has just dropped a new visual for single “Barbie Dreamz”, off her new album “Queen”. The star has been recently been gaining a lot of media attention from her beef with fellow incredible rapper Cardi B. Their beef has been ongoing, and has caused a lot of questions to be raised about both parties. There have not been many pubic feuds between rappers this large since Meek Mill and Drake, who ironically called an end to their beef recently.

This provided Minaj with the perfect opportunity to throw it back to old school vibes with “Barbie Dreamz”. This is because the song is in homage to fellow iconic New York rapper Notorious B.I.G., who had a song “Just Playing (Dreamz)”, who at the time took aim at the rappers favorite R&B singers and what he would like to do to them. This allows Minaj to play on the parallel’s between her and Biggie as he also was notorious for having beef with the great Tupac Shakur. Nicki also highlights the feminist theme of her album by subverting the misogyny on Biggie’s iconic song and reclaiming her sexuality as a woman and making men into sexual objects, rather than actually being the object of male desire.

The visual features Minaj sporting her numerous coloured iconic wigs, and puppets in the style of the male rappers of today’s rappers that she raps about. This allows Nicki to allude to old school vibes again of her style, as the video is reminiscent of Nicki’s old music videos with the bright colours and cartoon like faces and voices.

Be sure to check out the visual!