Ms Banks Sits Down With DJ DUBL For An In-Depth Interview

Rapper, Ms Banks, is this weeks guest on DJ Dubl’s interview platform, following some recent successes and dope releases, the lyricist comes through to talk all things Ms Banks, as she breaks down what its been like to go on tour with the Godfather of Grime and recent recipient of an MBE, Wiley; 2018 music, the journey so far and so much more.

It was interesting to hear her opinions on obtaining chart success in the current climate of music industry, as she began explaining her perspective on being a female rapper in the scene, detailing how it can be a lot harder to be taken seriously as an out and out rapper, seemingly suggesting that in most cases – female acts may have to incorporate melodies into their music to climb the charts.

As always, DJ Dubl is well researched and seems to pick out interesting happenings in an artists career, setting up a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for his guest – helping them open up a little more than usual. With Ms Banks he puts a funny rumour to rest as he jokes about the rapper’s real name being Tyra Banks (it’s not actually) and bringing up her first ever release.

Ms Banks is killing it right now, and in this interview she comes across as humble and friendly, it was nice to see her in a comfortable environment, just chatting and letting us in on what’s been happening with her of late.