Mr Eazi Gives Advice At The Link Up TV X BRKTHRU Music Conference

Mr Eazi and Ms Banks had a chat with Kenny Allstar at The Link Up TV X BRKTHRU Music Conference. Kenny asks all the right questions and we see the talented Ms Banks talk about her career progression and how she’s building a steady fanbase.

Mr Eazi takes centre stage and tells us, “don’t wait for that viral moment”, as he talks about the importance of putting in the work behind the scenes. He also talks about the disadvantages of having a quick come up and why it’s important to get a cultural following. The Banku Music pioneer gives nothing but good advice in the video and provides us with quotes to aspire to live by.

The Link Up TV X BRKTHRU Music Conference has given us an insight into the scene and provided up and coming music artists with inspiration. Both Mr Eazi and Ms Banks have had stellar careers so far and they’ve got their best years ahead of them.

Kenny says, “DJ’s don’t get viral moments”, and talks about the graft of being a DJ and being at the “right place at the right time.” But, let’s remember, without DJ’s and producers we wouldn’t have the scene and the artists we have today. DJ’s are the linchpin within the industry.

Make sure you go and check out their wisdom and let us know what you think.