Monroe Joe returns with visuals to new song ‘Ease The Pain’

If you are in the mood to listen to some real chill rap, then West London rapper,  Monroe Joe is your guy. Premiered on SBTV, Monroe Joe releases the new music video to song ‘Ease The Pain’.

The ‘Occasional Rapper’, ‘Sleep Specialist’ and ‘Working Class Mafia’ takes us through the journey of life from his point of view. Conscientiously, he put the trials and tribulations of life in perspective, laying bars on a wavey instrumental produced by Maschine Man Tim. ‘Ease The Pain’ is a head bobbing tune that has a real message in the lyrics. The visuals compliment the piece perfectly as it illustrates the rapper on his own journey in the middle of the night.

Although Monroe Joe’s bars are far from simplistic, the overall piece displays simplicity at its finest. So chill back and relax to this one!