Michael Dapaah as Big Shaq reads childhood favourite Dr. Seuss’ ‘A Cat In The Hat’

Big Shaq aka Michael Dapaah sits down with XXL Magazine on a ‘literature ting’ to give us a dramatic reading of one of our favourite childhood books ‘A Cat In The Hat’ written by Dr. Seuss.

One of my favourite parts of the video is when Big Shaq mistakenly says ‘fanny’ instead of ‘funny’ and awkwardly laughs and says ‘I wondered why they would say fanny in a childrens book’.

Wherever you look recently, Michael Dapaah is there; he has been providing endless amounts of entertainment for us and even gained a huge following in America. It is a definite testament to his talent as a comedian and he deserves nothing less, congratulations Michael Dapaah.

Watch the video above and see what’s so funny.