Met Police apply for a court order to stop drill music?

Once again, can we see a music genre used as a scapegoat for knife crime? In an attempt to stop gang members from making Drill music, the Metropolitan police have applied for an court order.

King MG returns with yet another video, expressing his thoughts on this. He particularly iterated the fact that this is a platform for individuals to leave the bad lifestyle and prosper through music. Will stopping this music erase the crimes or worsen it?

It has also made clear that before drill music was a popular genre within society, crimes were still prominent.

The independent article added “Drill often features lyrics about gang disputes, guns, drugs and stabbings, as well as lines mocking rivals personally”.

With the constant scrutiny against the genre, West London’s 1011 have been a target to the condemning of rap and have had the majority of their videos taken down in an attempt to reduce crime. The police’s reasoning behind doing so is that the group accumulates views more than 10 million times and could be an influence to those listening.

In the in-depth video, many factors as to why this may not work are explained. To watch the video, click above:

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