Merky ACE Is ‘Out Of Order’ With New Video

Merky ACE has been a very busy man, after the release of his debut album ‘War Is Normal’ he has found some time to do the visuals to his track ‘Out Of Order’ A very cold beat on this one is the pinnacle of Merky ACE’s style.

Behind the camera for this one was Dego Visionz who gets some action shots of the Lewisham MC. ‘Out Of Order’ has a great sound to it, something that Merky ACE has put some time and energy into. With his hair long and flow sharp Merky ACE really does bring the sound for this track, ‘War is Normal’ has been getting some excellent reviews amongst Grime fans all across the country.

An Out of order sign is an annoyance on a massive level, but this time it’s everything that we need, Merky ACE provides a fantastic example of someone who is in touch with both their music and the streets.

‘ Out Of Order like man’s not working, got no love for the law’

Merky Ace tells us how he feels in the song, using his lyrics and actions and that’s the perfect form of expression, ‘Out Of Order’ is another inundation of why grime is at its strongest form, The only thing out-of-order is that you’re still reading this article.

Go and check the video for Merky ACE’s ‘Out of Order’