Meridian Dan Returns With Hard-Hitting ‘Vegan Chat’

Returning from a musical hiatus, Meridian Dan returns with wavy new single, entitled Vegan Chat.

Following teaser track Fatality, at the end of 2018, Meridian Dan returns with his first full independent release, entitled Vegan Chat, to forewarn other musicians that the MC who pioneered the resurgence of grime is back with a bang. JackumStackum is on the heavy production, as Meridian Dan holds down the fort with his hard-hitting lyrics. 

The Paul Casey-directed visuals for Vegan Chat see Meridian Dan playing many roles, including a boxer; which makes the special cameo from Dillian Whyte make sense. Shot all around East London, including the iconic Repton Boxing Club, the video delivers clean visuals to highlight Meridian Dan’s growth in life and transition to veganism. 

Watch the Vegan Chat visuals above, and let us know your thoughts.