Meek Mill is a true champion with his new freestyle

Meek Mill has just dropped a sick new freestyle for Funkmaster flex on the legendary Hip Hop station in New York, Hot 97. This freestyle segment of Funk Flex has been a staple of the Hip Hop scene for a while now, featuring freestyles from some of the biggest artists in the world. This freestyle comes at the perfect time after the release of Meek Mill’s new album last week titled “Championships”. The freestyle confirms his winning streak.

The last year has been integral to Meek Mill’s development, what with his being incarcerated and being an important voice for prison reform in the U.S. This has led to the Philadelphia artist being able to carve out an important name for himself rather than just being Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend.

The freestyle features the artists hype man being one of the best hype men I have ever witnessed. Meek Mill raps to the “Back To Back” diss track that Drake rapped about him, allowing the artist to subvert the imagery that many people have of Meek being the loser. This enables the artist to be a true champion.

Be sure to check out the sick new freestyle and Meek Mill’s new album, you won’t regret it.