Margs Talks Pen Game 2 Challenge And More On NFTR

Margs is invited to join the trio at Not For The Radio in this weeks show.

East London rapper Margs grime visited the Not For The Radio team for an in-depth interview. The artist talked about his recent track Pen Game 2 – that ignited the viral Pen Game 2 challenge – amongst other interesting things.

Speaking of the Pen Game 2 challenge, Margs details how it all came about and the impact that it has had on him, and his career. He expresses the effects of being viral at the moments, explaining that many people are trying to attach themselves to him at the moment – to get some of his spotlight. He also mentions his favourite challenge entries, which includes Louis Rei (WSTRN) and Mya-Remi, from Birmingham.

The self-proclaimed best rapper alive, according to his Twitter biography, goes on to discuss Mashtown, Wiley and more – shedding light onto a lot of things that many of his fans may not have known previously.

It’s an interesting interview, with many funny elements, making it a worthwhile watch. The topic of discussion switches up constantly, with a great flow, and Link Up TV is mentioned – in quite an interesting little clip.

You can watch this weeks episode of Not For The Radio, featuring special guest Margs, in full above.