Manga St Hilare Drops Big Collaboration ft Izzie Gibbs, Snowy, Macey’s and J Grrey

“Look at all the f****y that i dodged,
how could I not know that I was blessed ?”

WARNING: visually creative, thought provoking lyrical depth and realness from the beginning.

With a high percentage of tracks released by artists in the current musical climate being catchy, uptempo and following suit, this banger from Manga Saint Hilare ft Izzie Gibbs, Snowy, Maxsta and J Grrey is honestly one of the deepest and relatable
tracks I have heard this year. It is apparent that the bars delivered from each featuring artist are fuelled with passion, truth and authenticity. With the music scene polluted with dance tracks tailored to shake a leg, refreshingly a new flair of realness has been spilled over a classic reminiscent grime suffusing instrumental. This one will have you thinking about life, a new favourite and a must listen. Big collaboration.