Mahalia Returns With New Single ‘Do Not Disturb’

Mahalia releases blissful new single Do Not Disturb. 

Birmingham-based songstress Mahalia, known for popular I Wish I Missed My Ex, Sober and many more, has had a successful musical run so far. She’s back with her first audio release of the year, entitled Do Not Disturb, and the track is catchy and clean. 

Do Not Disturb has a bangin’ beat that accompanies Mahalia’s light vocals. The singer has nothing left to prove and is putting herself first in this emotionally-rich new track, making another uplifting banger for those who can relate to her message. There aren’t any visuals for this new release yet, but after hearing it, we’re sure they will be soon to follow. 

Do Not Disturb is available to purchase, and stream, on all digital streaming platforms. 

You can also listen to the audio in the video above. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter.