M24 are in the hot seat for No Offence ep. 3

Once again, we bring you ‘No Offence’ episode 3, presented by none other than Mr. Montgomery.

Picking up on recent get togethers before this episode, Mr Montgomery praises the duo for the progress and success they have both seen before the selection of fiery questions.

Answering a variety thrown their way including potential features, their opinion on drill vs knife crime and the rise of ‘Saucy drillas’, not your average drill artist, a whole 11 minutes are dedicated to expressing their thoughts.

With the success of Link Up Tv’s segment ‘no offence’ shining light on different individuals and their opinions on controversial matters, there’s no better way to get real insightful.

Who do you want to see on the next episode? you can simply comment below and let us know who’d you would like to see featured in Montgomery’s hot seat.

Watch the video above: