Lowkey Returns For His Highly Anticipated ‘Fire In The Booth (Part 2)’

After a whole 7 years the legendary Lowkey has finally returned to ‘Fire In The Booth’, with Charlie Sloth for the highly anticipated Fire In The Booth (part 2).

Lowkey is well known for always speaking out about the situations which are going on around us whether it is close to home or in other countries, this includes topics such as Grenfell Tower, Palestine, Terrorism, etc.

His first ‘Fire In The Booth’ came out in 2010 and has nearly hit 5 million views, in the freestyle Lowkey goes through the alphabet with a bar for each letter. This time round Lowkey goes through the alphabet once again however backwards, starting from Z all the way to A, lyrical genius. He spits bars about topics such as Grenfell Tower, Donald Trump, power and much more.

The whole 14 minutes of the Fire In The Booth (part 2) is definitely worth the listen and is available above for you to watch!