Lowkey opens up about Grenfell Tower, Trump, mental health and much more

The legendary UK rapper Lowkey has sat down for a complete in-dept interview for ‘London Real’ in which he speaks about his personal life, Grenfell Tower, Donald Trump, terrorism and much more. Brian Rose who presents London Real has been waiting patiently for 4 years to get an interview with Lowkey and from the interview it is clear that the wait was definitely worth it.

The whole aim of London Real as Brian Rose explains is to ‘listen’ to other people who are changing the world, people who are living and thinking in a different way to inspire others to do the same. Lowkey, who is now currently getting a PHD in history, has always been an artist who sends messages through his music and never fears to speak up about topics which other people may shy away from.

Take a listen to this very interesting interview above. It is guaranteed to make you to think to about the bigger picture. There is also shorter clips available below for those that would like to see Lowkey’s response to specific topics.