The Lotto Boyzz Talk Fashion, Tour And Tthe Come Up’ With Yung Filly

Footasylum and Link Up TV have collaborated to make a funny, interesting and lighthearted informal interview with the Lotto Boyzz, hosted by public figure Yung Filly (Mr Yeahhh Man).

While walking around Footasylum, the Lotto Boyzz reminisces on old school fashion trends, talk about new trends and gives anecdotal accounts of certain clothing items and what they represent to them. They talk about their school days and what was cool to wear back then.

Lotto Boyzz talk about their clothing they wore on their tour and why they chose to wear the clothes they did. Yung Filly sets Lotto Boyzz an exciting task to put together an outfit in 45 seconds for a show, but can they do it ?

Watch the video in the link above to see what the Lotto Boyzz end up picking out…