Lotto Boyzz, Berna & Big Tobz Join Snoochie Shy On her Boiler Room Breakfast Show

Presenter, DJ, and fashion icon Snoochie Shy is joined by Birmingham’s Lotto Boyzz, Berna and Big Tobz in this week’s episode of her new Boiler Room Breakfast show, ‘Breakfast with Snoochie Shy’.

Sat next to a table decored with perfectly positioned fried chicken, Magnums, fruit bowls and a very large bottle of Courvoisier, Snoochie and the Lotto Boyz talk real names, corny doctors and how the boys decide what wear when doing interviews. The boys also attempt to break the world record for the quickest time to unravel a toilet roll with one hand, a record currently standing at 9 seconds. Although not breaking the record, Lotto Lucas came out victorious in this one.

In the second half of the show consisting of potato sacks, monkey bars and Berna’s hat flying off his head more than once, London’s Big Tobz and Berna join Snoochie and Ben in a 4-part Sports Day challenge, with Berna coming on top. The guys also treat viewers to a freestyle of their ‘Taste’ remix.

Check this week’s episode above