Grime Artists Tackle Topics From Online Forums For Mums

Grimenet is here, this is a new platform where artist, DJ’s and other figures within the Grime scene take on topics from online forums for mums in an uncommon, yet refreshing angle. Featuring Capo Lee (MC), Discarda (MC), Big Zuu (MC) and DJ Grandmixxer to name a few, it’s a candid approach to seeing the men behind the music.

“What meal made your heart sink as a child?”

“Baths or showers?”

“What will the world be like in 100 years?” DJ Slimzee’s response? “DJ’ing on your hands. Putting USB’s in your fingers and just doing it.” You heard it from him first in 2017, Dragon’s Den. Side note, this would actually be decent if we get to a stage of embedded technology.

The Grime affiliates also give advice, with some sensible angles on what they reckon the world will be like in one hundred years, and how to cope with stress as well as sharing how they would do things. Check brothers in production Splurgeboys’ and Producer Faze Miyake’s legendary responses to these points.

We love seeing the scene in this element. Push forward with the funny, unity, and toodles to Form 696.

Catch the fourth episode on applying make-up in public, and cleaning routines 16 November 2017 via Youtube