Litty Lightz Shells Down His Sounds Of The Verse Session

South London emcee Litty Lightz is back demonstrating his lyrical talents on Sir Sypro’s Sound of the Verse session.

The young artist rose to the spotlight with his 1 – 10/A-Z challenge last year. Since then he has releases a couple of tunes including I Done It – a track which mirrors his version of the social media craze.

Litty Lightz brings lyrical heat, spitting cold bars on a 140 bpm beat. The young UK Grime protege induces that nostalgic feeling, creating that old school UK Grime vibe which was coined in the early 00’s by UK Grime veterans, on the mic, presented on platforms such as on F**K Radio, DejaVu FM and Rinse FM.

Everything about this freestyle is sick. The raw energy and passion Lightz’ presents is a madness. The wordplay is on point.

– Not gonna lie, I didn’t come from the era of mic and pirate radio set but I’ll still burn up a radio set until there’s no radio left.

Litty Lightz is an artist to watch out for. Make sure you check out his newly released UK Grime EP called Grime Back.

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